Watertown, NY

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture adds a great deal of charm and decoration to the home or office, but we don't just sit on it, we spill stuff on it, drop snacks on it, collect dust with it. While frequent vacuuming is your solution for daily dust build-up, sooner or later you will need to wash the fabric to restore the appearance. 

If your furniture is used by the public, as in a waiting room or bank lobby, take a good look at it and see if it gives the impression of prosperity and success you wish your visitors to get from your place of business. If not, call us at 782-4437 and let us bring your soiled chairs back to clean.

Upholstery cleaning can be tricky, because of the great variety of fibers used and the sometimes delicate nature of the fabrics. Certain steps must be followed to produce an undamaged, truly clean, fresh, residue-free chair or sofa covering.

What is the most common problem we encounter? Easy question. People tend to postpone the cleaning for way too long. When we are finally asked to clean the sofa, it falls into the category of restoration, not maintenance. Overly delayed upholstery cleaning may result in:

  • Having to look at the dirty thing day after day.
  • Possible fiber damage that will lessen the fabric’s life.

If you have postponed cleaning, all is not lost. Most fabrics, even if worn or slightly damaged, can be cleaned. You will be surprised what can be done with the proper equipment and skills.

Don’t wait until your furniture has to be restored. Call the office, describe the furniture, and we will give you a general on-the-phone estimate of the cost. Call us today. 315-782-4437