Watertown, NY

Post-Construction Cleanup

When building construction or remodeling is done, the basic specification often given to the construction contractors is “to leave it broom clean.” This is a good start, but it is not sufficient for owner or tenant occupancy.

A professional cleaning will remove all construction dust and debris from walls and flooring, clean light fixtures, glass, rest rooms, kitchen facilities and built-in cabinets. Before furniture is moved in, tile flooring can be cleaned and sealed or finished, as needed. Carpets can be spotted or wet cleaned, if heavy vacuuming alone is not enough.

  Contractors, please take note!!

  1. The actual construction, including punch-list correction, must be complete before the post-construction cleaning begins. If this is not so, the repeat cleaning will be at extra cost to the construction company and the necessary re-work frequently presents a scheduling difficulty for us. You, therefore, should plan to complete all construction (mess making) before starting the final clean-up, and you must allow the necessary time for that essential work to be done without interruption.
  2. The phone call you make asking us to review the project and present a proposal should not wait until just a few days before the work must be completed! We need to look at the job, talk with you about the expectations, discuss any known problems (no mop sink on the premises?), and then put together a proposal that prices sensibly what you what done.. Waiting until the last minute to call us is unwise because it will rush all of that, and even if the price is right, we may not be able to schedule the work on such short notice. If you face a known occupancy deadline, there is no reason not to call Krafft Cleaning several weeks before the cleanup must be scheduled.
  3. If tile floors need finish applied, the preparation and application must be done before furnishings are placed in the vacant spaces. Two coats of finish on quickly scrubbed resilient tile may seem to be all that is required by building specs, but we will not do that sort of poor quality work. Competent floor maintenance requires five or more coats of properly cured finish. Please do not ask us to do a half-way job on new floor tile. And we will not move or work around furniture when careful scheduling of the work before occupancy would allow for time and money conservation, and an overall better looking result.

If you can see the sense of these basic guidelines, call us (782-4437) well ahead of the occupancy date and we will work with you to assure that your project turnover is smooth and on time.

Did You Know?

Most manufacturers of resilient tile recommend that a significant period of time passes after tile installation before any sort of wet cleaning is done to prepare the surface for application of a protective finish. Time is needed to allow the adhesives to set properly so the tiles are not loosened by the wet cleaning, which involves power scrubbing.

We will seriously recommend against a last-minute-before-occupancy tile refinishing scheduled for a just few hours or even days after the tile has been newly laid. This sort of poor planning can lead to all sorts of adhesion issues that we do not wish to be part of.

The solution to this problem, again,  is to call us well in advance of the occupancy date so that we can schedule the floor refinishing when it should be, and so that we can allow proper drying (curing) time after the finish is placed and before the furniture is positioned.