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Entry Mat Cleaning

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Entry mats are the first line of defense for your property, they capture dirt and liquids keeping your building clean. You need about 12 to 15 feet of runner to allow for the mess to walk off with normal steps. However, even a small mat will encourage people to wipe their shoes or boots when entering the building and that will prevent dirtying the carpet further on down the hall.

While we often see matting in place, we also see runners that are filled with salt, ice melt chemicals, water, and sand to the extent that they become the primary source of the mess at the building entry. The walkway may be clean, but the mat is “loaded”.

Only clean matting wipes shoes and boots and prevents tracked-in soils from reaching the building’s interior flooring. One way to keep mats clean is to contract with a service that changes them every week and places clean ones where they are effective. We don’t offer that service, but can recommend one to you.

If you own your own mats, we can clean them for you at our modern facility. We are set up for mat cleaning and can provide a fast turn-around so you don’t need to buy dozens of mats. Mats can be picked up late on Friday and returned clean and dry on Monday before opening.

When the weather turns bad, call us for mat cleaning pricing for your facility. We are at 782-4437 and service the Watertown area.

Did you know?

Many see the value of matting in the commercial environment, but forget that dirt is tracked into the home every day on the shoes and boots of the occupants. It may take longer because there is less traffic than in a commercial setting, but the track-in soils will affect the flooring in that home, and you will face a major cleaning task.

Use entry mat protection in your home!

Custom Mat Cleaning

We'll clean your wet, muddy floor mats and return them quickly. Ideal if you own custom mats.

Floor Mat Cleaning Service