Watertown, NY

Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning

Modern homes use a variety of floor coverings, everything from ceramic tile in entries and bathrooms to sheet vinyl in kitchens. Most of these materials will last for years, but sooner or later the finish on the “softer” tiles and sheets will scuff and start to look dull and lifeless. Did you know that these can be restored by a “Scrub and Recoat” with a commercial grade finish?

Can you do this yourself? Yes, you can, but it is not easy work and you do need the proper equipment to make it come out right. Old floor finish, once softened by stripper, is very slippery and it must be removed completely before you rinse and dry the tile, and apply any floor finish whatsoever. This is a messy process and most folks would rather not tackle it.

Krafft Cleaning has all the right equipment, knows the proper procedures, and has quality finish products on hand. It is worth the call to see what our professional refinish work will cost. Just remember, five clear finish coats on a spotlessly clean floor surface beats two finish coats on top of grit and old finish every time.

When “hard” tile floors become discolored, a pressure wash with a special floor tool that controls the splash can often restore the original appearance. Most of these tile floors need no finish, so this special cleaning can be done in conjunction with a scheduled carpet cleaning and you can save the expense of a special trip for cleaning just a few square feet of bathroom flooring.

You may call us at 782-4437 any time to explore your options for home floor maintenance.

Grout Cleaning

Grout is the cement-based material that fills the open spaces between hard tiles in surfaces made up of ceramic, quarry, porcelain, or natural stone units. While the flooring itself may be hard, it is the grout that is really hard, hard to keep clean that is. Grout is much more porous than the tiles it surrounds. When the floor was installed, a penetrating seal should have been applied to fill pores and minute fissures, so that removing soils would not become a major project. All too often this was not done and now you have dirty grout lines.

We can restore undamaged grout to a like-new appearance and apply seals appropriate to the tile on the floor. Instead of getting down on your hands and knees with an old toothbrush, please consider calling us for an estimate of the restoration cost. Proper cleaning and sealing will make the floor look as you intended for a long time.

Did You Know:

Grout and many natural stone surfaces, marble, for example, will be damaged by the use of any sort of acid, even vinegar, if it is allowed to sit. A seal will help to some extent, but the application of any acid-based cleaner is a no-no. That includes accidental dribbling of an acid-based toilet bowl cleaner onto the grouted tile commonly found in rest rooms.

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