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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a beautiful, comfortable floor covering for your home, but you can’t help walking on it, spilling stuff on it, dropping snacks on it, collecting dust with it. Pets abuse it, kids track stuff in on it, dust mites and fleas can even live in it. While daily vacuuming is your best preservation method, sooner or later you will need to wash the fibers and start over.

Carpet fiber cleaning is no mystery, but it does involve certain steps that must be followed to produce a truly clean, fresh, residue-free carpet. Those steps include heavy dry vacuuming, power pile lifting where needed, pretreatment of traffic lanes and spots, shampooing, careful rinsing for removal of released soils, providing adequate air flow during extraction to reduce drying time, and pile setting of the nap. Skipping those steps can save time and lower the price, but the end result will be disappointing, and that is why we don’t skip necessary steps and we don’t low-ball on price just to book a job.

What is the most common problem we encounter? Easy question. People tend to postpone the cleaning for way too long. When we are finally asked to clean the carpet, it falls into the category of restoration, not maintenance. Overly delayed carpet cleaning will result in two things.
1) You have to live with the dirty, ugly thing.
2) Fiber damage can be done, lessening the carpet’s life.

If you have done that, all is not lost. We can perform the heavy cleaning restoration you need. You will be surprised what can be done with the proper equipment and skills. It is best to not wait until a restoration cleaning is required; do annual maintenance, at the very least. We will give you an on-site estimate, or you can calculate the square footage (length times width) and call the office to answer some questions and get a rate for your installation. Cleaning can be wall-to-wall or traffic lanes only. What do you need? And where do you need it?

Our technicians follow IICRC standards for carpet and rug cleaning, using various methods from power pile lifting to bonnet maintenance to truck-mount-provided hot water rinse extraction. Our methods are safe, effective, and successful at restoring even seriously soiled carpets.

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