Watertown, NY

Temporary Staffing for Vacation or Medical Leave Coverage

 If you have cleaning people on your payroll (in-house cleaning staff) and someone leaves on vacation, who does the work during their absence? Sometimes others can just fill in for a few days, but if that approach is not going to work for a longer absence, or maybe you have no back-up staff, please call (782-4437) to see how we can assist in covering the work temporarily.

 With sufficient notice beforehand, we can make the cleaning continue without interruption and keep things running smoothly. If we do a good job, you may feel confident having us do project work such as carpet cleaning or tile floor refinishing. Often, an in-house cleaning operation will not have the equipment for doing this work, and the staff may be untrained for it. We have the equipment and years of experience in these building services and, thus, can act to supplement your in-house staff when needed.